108 Mala Beads - Goddess Collection

“Naaz is such a kind and warm spirit, and her guidance brought me to a beautiful agate crystal that brings me a lot of peace, and a sense of security. I had a positive and uplifting experience with Earth Elements.” —Corinne, Calgary, AB

“When I saw the Love & Light set I knew that it was for me. I have enjoyed its beauty & benefits for about a month now along with so many amazing compliments. I really feel like I need to start carrying Naaz's business cards because I have been stopped several times and asked where I found this unique, feminine, lovely piece! I enjoy wearing this necklace so much that I ordered a custom piece for my sister!” —Christine, Stonewall, MB

“There is something wonderful about wearing my necklace knowing it was created with passion and integrity. My necklaces are not only lovely but are specially chosen for my own personal reasons; whether it be restoring balance or enhancing creativity. It makes my necklaces incredibly special to me.” —Deb, Vancouver, BC