Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings


Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings take place via Skype. Our time together will work best if you have specific and clear questions about things you are wanting to know. 1-3 focused questions are ideal.

You are always welcome to ask more questions if they come up during your session. Our reading is meant to be a conversation about the things that are important to you. Please know that these readings are not intended to replace your own guidance, but to simply tune you back into what you already know, to remind you of the Laws of the Universe and how to work with them, and support you in aligning with all that you desire.

Once you are booked in, I will email you a package, which includes information on what to expect and how to prepare for your session, as well as a questionnaire which will allow me to tune into your energy prior to our session. I’ll connect with your angels, and begin the process of your reading even before we meet on Skype.

On the day of our Skype appointment, I’ll have 3 cards selected for you, and we’ll chat more about the messages contained within them.

For more detailed information on Angel Card Readings, please click here.

Please email me to book your session!

Once I receive your email, and we find a suitable date / time for you to book in, I will kindly ask that you purchase your session here. When I receive your payment, I'll be in touch to confirm your session time.

Please note that Angel Card Reading session fees are non-refundable.