Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions


Reiki is an energy healing technique that has its origins in Japan. This powerful ancient healing practice helps clear imbalances in the chakras and energy bodies, sending loving Universal energy to where it is most needed. Reiki is a natural and gentle way to bring balance and harmony back to the entire being, and offers a sense of peace, security and well-being to those who receive it. Reiki does not interfere with any other methods of healing (medical or holistic) that you may currently be undertaking, but enhances and supports them.

The benefits of Reiki include:

-Supporting the body's natural ability to heal
-Releasing suppressed emotions
-Balancing the energy centers in the body
-Inducing deep relaxation and stress relief
-Helping one tune into their spiritual guidance and intuitive abilities more deeply

What to expect during a Reiki session:

I use a combination of energy clearing, crystal healing, Reiki and angelic guidance during these sessions.

We begin by chatting a bit about what it is that you are wanting to get out of your session. This can be as simple as wanting to feel more relaxed, or as deep as wanting to clear out something that has been coming up for you, and moving forward with more confidence in your life.

I will have you lay on a massage table (fully clothed) and we start our session with an aura clearing with sage. I will place some intuitively chosen crystals on your chakras. Sometimes those crystals will stay on for the entire session, other times only a few will remain on you. Then we move into Reiki. For the duration of the session, my hands will never touch you; they will be gently hovering over your chakras and energy centers, as I move around your body. You may feel the sensations of heat, coolness or tingling - these are all indicators that you are receiving the Reiki energy. Some people don't feel anything at all, and many enter a very relaxed state and end up having a little nap. It varies depending on the person and what you are ready to release.

After your session, we will chat a little more about what came up and I will have you choose a crystal and an angel card to take home with you. The Reiki energy stays with you for a couple days after your session, and these tools will support your energetic shifts as you continue on your journey.

*Reiki sessions take place at The Yoga Studio in Oakridge. The address is 127 - 2515 90th Ave SW.


1 hour session - $110

Please email me to book your Reiki session.

Distance Sessions

Distance Reiki sessions are available worldwide! Distance Reiki allows you to relax in the comfort of your own home while you receive your treatment, and is a wonderful choice for those who don't live nearby, or who cannot commute for health or other reasons.

As with the in-person sessions, I will be using a combination of energy clearing, crystal healing, Reiki and angelic guidance for your session. I will send you some information on what to expect and how to prepare for your session, as well as a form where I can get to know you better. I do ask that you set aside a full hour for your session, where you can lie down and relax somewhere comfortable (your bed or a cozy couch is ideal) and be undisturbed for the entire session. Most people do feel pretty relaxed and I always encourage napping during your session if you feel like it! After your session is complete, I will email you with any insights that I received from your angels. I will pull an angel card for you and send you a picture of it as well. I will always be available to you via email for any questions or concerns you may have. The Reiki energy will stay with you for a few days following your session, and it's always nice to have that added support as your energy shifts.

Investment: $60 (CAD)

Please email me to book your distance session.

“I just wanted to write back and say THANK YOU for my session yesterday, I feel amazing today!! It was a bit of a transition last night but I probably have more energy today than I’ve had in a long time. Also, thank you for allowing me to pull an angel card because its been more beneficial to me than I expected it to be. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.” —Mary, Calgary, AB

“I saw you last year at Market Collective and you made me a beautiful bracelet with the intent of getting pregnant. I also did a Reiki session with you where I pulled the angel card "Child." I just wanted you to know the bracelet has not come off my wrist, and there is a little girl growing in me and due at the end of March. I just wanted to thank you for your energy and positive thoughts. We could not feel more blessed.” —Francesca, Calgary, AB

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a tool used to clear stagnant energy from your body, home or workspace. During a clearing session, we work with the energy of fire to cleanse and release what is no longer serving you. The clearing works both on your space and your personal energy. A fire clearing is a powerful, beautiful ritual that taps into the love and support of your angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed on. The fire ceremony will be taught to you so you can perform the clearing as needed.

I will arrive at your home with all the necessary supplies and we will do a short walk through of your space, to determine how the energy is flowing currently. I may offer you suggestions on how to enhance the energy flow in your home. We’ll also chat a bit about why you are wanting this clearing, and during that time, I often receive messages from your angels / guides about anything you need to know. Once the walk through is complete, I will set up for the fire ceremony, teaching you how to do it as I go. The clearing itself takes about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to perform completely.

Your home and your personal energy will be completely cleansed, and often people feel quite a sense of relief and ease once the clearing is complete. Afterwards, we wait for the tools I use to cool down and chat a bit about what came up. Often times there will be messages coming forth from the container I use for the fire, so we’ll talk about those messages as well. The whole process takes about 2 hours, so I do request you set aside 3 hours just in case things run overtime!

Fire clearings are recommended when moving into a new home or workspace, after a renovation, after a major life transition (birth, death, divorce, etc.) or as a ritual performed during the cycles of the moon. It's a wonderful tool for those who would like to work with their angels and guides on a deeper level in their clearing processes. 

The benefits of a fire clearing include:

-A sense of lightness, positive energy and love in your space
-Releasing suppressed emotions
-An enhanced feeling of clarity and ease in your mind / body
-Increased intuition and the ability to clearly communicate with your angels and guides


200-1000 square feet - $250
1100-2000 square feet - $375
2100-3500 square feet - $550

Your clearing includes a large complimentary sage bundle, and an intuitively chosen angel card to further support your spiritual journey.

I do offer clearing for commercial spaces, your land, and other unique spaces! Pricing will differ for commercial spaces and land, based on the size of your area.

Please email me to book your clearing.

Space Clearing sessions are available within the Calgary area. I am available for worldwide travel; please email me to inquire about travel dates and pricing.

“The clearing session was incredible. I feel such a shift in my home and in my own energy. Naaz really has a gift and I'm so thrilled to have found her." —Meagan, Calgary, AB

Feng Shui Consultations

The premise of the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui is that our homes and workspaces hold energy (or Chi) that directly affects our own personal energy. By altering the flow of Chi in your space using sacred Feng Shui principles, you can open up your life in magical ways. Feng Shui can be used to improve every part of your life including health, relationships and prosperity. This is a beautiful tradition that can bring balance and deep healing into your life.

These consultations are a wonderful way for us to work closely together over a period of three months. We'll work on adjusting the flow of energy in your home, office, or business, and also within yourself. As we systematically make these adjustments, you'll begin to feel and see a real shift in your life. Old patterns will be healed, your energy will come into balance, and you'll attract what you desire with complete ease. Feng Shui is an amazing practice that will support you in all levels of your life. I work with your angelic helpers, teach you how to work with the Law of Attraction, and I incorporate crystal healing into all my consultations.

Consultations are based on the BTB (Black Hat Tantric Buddhism) school of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Consultations are available within the Calgary area and worldwide via Skype. I am available for worldwide travel, if you prefer to have your consultation done in person. Please email me to inquire about travel dates and pricing.

Home Consultations

I will request that you email me your floor plan and a specific list of what areas of your life you would like to see improvement in. Before our initial consultation, I will study your floor plan to determine how the energy is currently flowing through your space. I'll also tune into your personal energy and angelic helpers through a special meditation, where I'll receive more insight on the best ways to support your process of healing.

We will then set up a time for me to come by your home and assess the energy in person (this will be our initial consultation). On this day, we'll chat about your life in detail and do a walk-through of your space together, which typically takes 2-4 hours. I will offer you in depth recommendations on how to elevate the energy of your space and your personal energy. These recommendations will support the energy of the areas of your life you would like to see changes in.

After your consultation, I'll send you a personalized Feng Shui report that contains all the information you need to support the energy of your home and your life. We will work together for three months following your consultation, with monthly follow-up appointments through Skype to determine how your recommendations are working, to make any further adjustments, and to see how your life is improving! You will always have lifetime email support from me. I will be here to support you as you make your intial changes, as well as provide support further down the road as you move forward in your life.


1000-2500 square feet - $900
2600-4000 square feet - $1400
4100-6000 square feet - $2000

Private office space / just one room in your home: $350

What's included in your investment:

-Your initial in-person consultation / walk through of your space
-Your personalized Feng Shui report
-3 months of follow up appointments via Skype to continue assessing the energy and making adjustments as needed
- A complimentary large sage bundle and an intuitively chosen angel card to further support your journey
-Lifetime email support

I do offer Feng Shui consultations for commercial spaces! Pricing will differ based on the size of your space.

Please email me to book your consultation.

"I am extremely pleased with the results from Naaz's Feng Shui consultation. She is very knowledgeable, kind, respectful, and I feel completely at ease with her. We spent many hours going through every room in my home while we both took notes and discussed. Naaz provided me with a thorough and detailed, but easy to understand report and has also followed up with several phone consultations. I have since made many changes and the results have been truly miraculous. I am highly inspired and am continuing to make positive changes. Anyone would greatly benefit from a Feng Shui consultation with Naaz Ali. I am so grateful - Thank you Naaz! —Nicola, Calgary, AB